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Conference Call .wav see page
GMX Customer Testimonies .wav 15.26 MB
GMX Testimonials May 17, 2008 .wav 11.55 MB
GMX Testimonials November 17, 2007 .wav 19.72 MB
GMX Testimonials July 21, 2007 .wav 13.03 MB
Testimonies on Water and Fuel From Albuquerque New Mexico .mov 10.78 MB
GMX Products Endorsed By National Radio Talk Show Host Lars Larson .mov 180KB
Consumer's Testimonies .wav 9.04 MB
Testimonies on Water and Fuel From New Mexico and Colorado .wav 12.86 MB
Testimonies From Florida and New Mexico .wav 12.49 MB
Testimony from Country Western Recording Artist Wayne West .wav 21.3 MB
Audio Testimonials and Comments By Master Plumbers. .wav 14.6 MB
Audio Testimonials From Master Plumber and Mechanic Who Have Used GMX Products For Years In Both Water and Fuel .wav 16.2 MB
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Testimonial from Gina L. Blackwell
Magnetic Technology and GMX
Testimony of GMX Products on a Home and Pool in Mexico
Commercial Plumber, Australia
Sugar Mill, Mauritius

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Helio Tech Services - GMX Model 8000 Study Report 0.4 MB  
Myles Kuperus, Kuperus Trucking letter reporting on fuel improvement thanks to magnetic fluid conditioning. 0.8 MB  
Building Systems Incorporated - Massachusetts 0.1 MB  
City of Ogdensburg, New York - Testimonial 1.1 MB  
Summersville, WV Presbyterian Church Testimonial 0.5 MB  
ROI using GMX units Summersville Presbyterian Church 0.2 MB  
Boilers and Cooling Towers:
Unity - Dye Chem
1.8 MB .01 MB
Boilers and Cooling Towers:
Sushil Ice Factory and Cold Storage
1.9 MB .21 MB

Case Study: GMX in Agriculture Report

1.4 MB  
Testimonials and Photo Proof of the success of GMX Fluid Conditioners on Sugar Mill Evaporators 2.5 MB  
Aavin: GMX 8000 on condensors 0.7 MB  

Alpha Sterling

0.6 MB  


0.5 MB  
Best Western Taos 2.3 MB .19 MB
Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture 1.4 MB .17 MB
GMX 8000 - ELGI Fish Tank 0.2 MB  

Fisherman's Cove

0.8 MB  
Kalyanam and Company - GMX 800 on feed water pipe of boiler 0.3 MB  

Meck Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

0.4 MB  

Taj Jai Mahal

1.5 MB  

Taj Residency Ummed

0.3 MB  
Waterbase Ltd. 0.5 MB  
Before and After - Visual Comparisons:
University of California at Davis
GMX Magnetic Water Treatment on Commercial Domestic Hot Water Tube Bundles
Before and After Photo Gallery
Amazing Comparison
    - Tree Growth when Watered With versus Without GMX Treated Water
Testimonials  |  Before & After  |  Case Studies  |  Installations |  Downloads

Sharon Costanzo, CEO, at GMX Corporate Headquarters
Sharon Costanzo, CEO

GMX Corporate Headquarters
GMX International

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

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