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GMX Water Treatment:
Satisfied Customers Speak For Us

By Kelly Koepke©

We hear a lot of hype about companies and products these days. Naturally, many companies make promises about how what they’re selling will change your life. For one company, GMX International, their customers are the best salespeople. GMX’s water conditioning systems truly live up to their advertising claims, says Ron Grazier. He and his wife June, who own furniture store Contemporary Southwest By Grazier Ltd., installed a GMX system in their East Mountains’ home last fall.

“We had remodeled our kitchen, and didn’t want to ruin our new faucets and fixtures with our hard water. We did extensive research on water softening options, but they all added sodium or potassium, would contaminate our septic system, and really wasted water, a big concern here in the desert. Our research kept bringing us back to GMX. So we called Larry Brown.”

The Graziers say that it was Brown’s written, 90-day money-back guarantee that sold them. “He put in writing that he’d personally refund our money and remove the systemif we weren’t happy. Well, not only are we happy, but we started noticing within a few days that the scale and mineral build up on the fixtures we didn’t replace was starting to come off. We couldn’t believe it even though we saw it with our own eyes,” says Grazier.

GMX’s convenient, cost effective solution for hardwater problems is safe for septic systems, and requires no upkeep, unlike old-fashioned salt softeners that waste water, require constant maintenance and expensive supplies. Saltbased softening systems are also not advised for swimming pools, hot tubs, or boilers, either. Because of the added sodium or potassium salts, softener systems are not recommended for plants, pets or people with heart conditions or hypertension. By contrast, GMX is safe and recommended in all these cases.

Donnie Bloomer switched to GMX last year after a negative experience with a water softening system. “The one we had was making us feel bad, especially when we got out of the bath or shower,” he says. “We’re concerned for our health, and we can now drink the water, and the plants are thriving because there’s no extra salt in the water.”

Karl Zink, a captain in the Albuquerque Fire Department, recommends GMX to his friends and fellow firefighters because he’s now installed GMX in two houses, both with swimming pools. As a hazmat program manager, he understands the chemistry of water. That convinced him that GMX was the right way to fix his hard water problems.

“The mineral content of unconditioned water ruins the pool walls, filters and pumps. Because GMX is a non-invasive technique, there are no chemicals, no residue or waste. You can safely water plants or use it in swimming pools. My pools have performed beautifully, and I’ve had no problems with the GMX treatment system,” he says.

Since he’s been using GMX, Zink’s recommended it to others. “I’m getting better water pressure because the pipes aren’t clogged with scale,” he adds.

DeanKoop, owner and general manager of the Best Western Kachina Lodge and Meeting Center in Taos, installed the GMX system six years ago. With nine boilers on the property and multiple water heaters to service the Lodge’s 118 rooms, Koop was constantly draining, cleaning and refilling his pipes and heaters, even shutting down each of his buildings in the spring and fall for three days each to flush out the lines.

“Since the installation of GMX, we don’t ever have any rust or deposits coming from pipes, or sediment in the hot water heaters. Customers don’t say anything about the water now; they used to complain about how they’d see minerals and deposits in the tub or that water in a glass didn’t look clear. We found that after the initial installation, GMX was actually removing deposits built up in the pipes!”

Aren’t you interested in a water conditioning system that dissolves scum and scale, increases your water heater’s efficiency, uses no chemicals and actually saves water? One that has a lifetime product warranty, and a 90-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee? Give Larry Brown a call at 800- 406-0469 for an information package or to schedule an appointment.


Sharon Costanzo, CEO, at GMX Corporate Headquarters
Sharon Costanzo, CEO

GMX Corporate Headquarters
GMX International

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

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