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Written Testimonials

From: Randy Shull
Date: February 18, 2014, 2:38:11 PM PST
To: GMX Subject: GMX pre- conditioning

This is the supply tube tee'd off my water heater supply that runs my Athena alkaline drinking water system. By adding a GMX 400 magnetics I am able to precondition the water supply before it goes into the alkaline machine. Just makes the alkaline machine more efficient and help cut calcium buildup. Really easy to install, I should've done it sooner.

Please Read testimonial from Sugar Mill in Mauritius

Ms H Messenger
Northumberland NE64.
To GMX Europe Ltd

We installed GMX into our home back in May, as instructed we put 2 x GMX800’s on the rising main cold water supply and 1 x GMX800 on the hot pipe from the storage tank, within days we noticed a huge change in the taste of water especially, first thing in the morning, normally you could taste the chlorine from the tap water, this had gone. It is true what you say in your info pack, that less detergents are used after treatment, in fact we think we have saved well over 50% in the use of shampoo and washing up liquid, my hair feels a lot softer and I don’t need to use hair conditioner anymore.

The boiler after about 3 months did not make anymore rumbling sounds and we got a local plumber to drain the system to find a fair bit of limescale sludge from the tank, all our taps were covered with deposits of limescale and now it has all gone, even the shower rose is clean and clear.

In August we decided to order a Combi boiler system to save on our gas bills, the system was installed by NU-Heat, during installation their labourer was draining the radiators, to his surprise did not find any of the nornall black sludgy water at the drain point and asked me if I had the radiator drained or removed recently, I replied no, but told him of the GMX, his Bosses new of the magnets and understood as to why this had happened.

I would recommend to anyone, that has hard water problems to invest in GMX to solve the problems forever.

H Messenger

October 29, 2005

To The GMX Family of Independent Distributors, Their Current and Future Customers,

As I attempt to enter the so called golden years (my retirement), I thought it was time I shared my thoughts about this great company and their equally great products.

I’ve been a plumber since the late 50's and I have owned my company since 1975 in the southern California desert 100 miles east of Los Angeles.  I was very fortunate to find GMX International Corporation about a year after they opened their doors.

GMX has by far the best clamp on magnets in the industry.  So simple that ANYONE can install them.  On occasion one may find a situation where a plumber might be helpful with the installation.  If that is the case find one in your area that can help and get them to become a GMX distributor.  Over the years I’ve seen a lot of plumbing fixtures and water heaters go by the wayside prematurely because of the lime/mineral build up, whereas if GMX ha d been available those same fixtures would probably be around today.  I’ve also seen a good deal of corrosions caused by salt softeners.

Most people are very busy today and don’t have the time for household products that require maintenance and certainly don’t want to shell out more money on utilities.  That’s where GMX has the advantage–no maintenance, no added expenses, and it costs a great deal less than a softener.

The most important thing in this business or any business is to believe in the product you are promoting. You have to be convinced and excited about it.  That means getting it on your home and/or business first.  Seeing and feeling the difference is the only way you will become a believer.  I can’t begin to count the homes, businesses, pools, spas, and swamp coolers I’ve installed GMX on in the past 12 years, but there is a ton of happy folks out there.  I’ve also installed the GMX Model 400 on our two vehicles and they have enhanced their performances.

Back in 1993 I was skeptical of magnets (I’d seen all the cure-all gadgets for plumbing problems).  I decided to do a test on my own home.  After installing the GMX Model 800s my wife said that she wasn’t having dry skin problems anymore.  A month later I removed the magnets without her knowledge.  Immediately after removing them, my wife asked me to call the water company to see if they had done anything to the water.  Her skin was dry and she was back to using lotion.  I told her I removed the magnets as a test–well, they were immediately reinstalled and her skin was back to normal.  She has been responsible for approximately 25% of our closings over the telephone.  She just talks up a storm about GMX.

GMX is by far one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life and I thank them for their great products and all of the wonderful experiences that I otherwise would have missed out on.  I am retired but am still active with GMX.  I also want to make myself available to anyone who has questions about the GMX products.  Please email me at or call me Wednesday evenings between 6PM and 8PM Pacific Time.  If for some reason I am unavailable when you call, I guarantee I will get back to you.  And speaking of guarantee, GMX has the best in the industry.


Don Newey,

Bermuda Dunes, California

Just a note to update you on the use of the GMX Model 400 and the Model 800 on heavy commercial vehicles. I’ve been testing the magnets on trucks and gas-powered automobiles. Needless to say, they work very well.  

As for the placement of the appliance on trucks, an 800 on the main fuel line between the fuel tank and the engines fuel transfer pump works well followed by the attachment of a 400 between the fuel transfer pump and the fuel injection pump manifold. To further enhance the effectiveness of the setup, I would strongly encourage the customer to replace the existing steel-braided fuel line with the newer plastic D.O.T. approved fuel lines which are available at almost all truck parts stores.

As for my findings, having made several runs in the past from Salt Lake City to Stockton, CA. I've found that I could save as much as 15-20 gallons of fuel on each trip with the appliances in place. My gross vehicle weight for the record was usually at 78,000 lbs and the trip mileage approximately 734 miles.

Also, taking it upon myself the have a lube oil analysis performed at each 12,000 mile service, I've found that the lube oil contaminate levels dropped about 5-10 percent. Most engineers would agree that since the figures connected with these findings are of a positive note, the down side would be not to extend the mileage on the Lube oil, as at about 9,000 miles the oil has, for the most part exhausted most if not all of its additives; that would apply equally well to gas-fired automobiles.

Sincerely Yours, 

Myron L. Ababurko
Retired Merchant-Marine Chief Engineer


Here is a fuel testimony.  A mechanic for an electric company here in Tahoka put a #400 on a pickup.  Two guys both filled up their pickups after going 200 miles & the one with the magnet on got to put in 9 gallons less  than the other guy.  They had filled up the same time & went the same distance.  The mechanic is going to put them on all the trucks & pickups, because he can tell they work!

Judy Woodard
Tahoka, Texas


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Sharon Costanzo, CEO

GMX Corporate Headquarters
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GMX Corporate Headquarters

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