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GMX"I once heard one of the founders of GMX say, "It's not enough to make money. You have to make a difference." The more I get to know GMX, the more I realize that those aren't just words -- they're deep values that shine through everything GMX does."

"Making a positive difference in people's lives is what GMX is all about."

How do we accomplish this goal? First, we offer magnetic fluid conditioning products at reasonable prices -- products that last a lifetime, help the environment, and cut energy and repair costs. Second, we provide a business opportunity based on a generous plan that rewards people for sharing GMX products with others, and for helping them do the same. Third, we offer comprehensive support to our independent distributors to help them succeed.

This support comes both from the corporate office and the "GMX Team" -- an organization of the top-producing distributors that was formed to help all distributors, at every level, achieve success in retailing and organization building.

Are we really making a difference? Absolutely! Ask any distributor or customer throughout the country who is taking advantage of the opportunities and products GMX provides.

GMX Distributor"Being an independent GMX distributor, I've seen first-hand how concerned the people at corporate headquarters and the distributor network leaders are about our success out here in the field. With all the support they give us, it would be hard not to succeed!"

GMX has built a firm foundation of network leadership support plus the corporate financial strength, facilities, and staff needed to provide long-term support to its growing family of distributors. This support includes...

Top-Quality, Environmentally Sensitive Products
Our insistence on uncompromising product quality and environmental soundness is the basis of the profitable, long-term business opportunity GMX offers its distributors.

A Rewarding Compensation Plan --- One of the Best in the Industry
We offer a generous compensation plan, and pay all distributors in a timely, accurate manner.

"On-Demand" Field Support from the "GMX Team"
For even the newest GMX Distributor, answers, tips, and experienced support and guidance are only a phone call away. By calling your sponsor or upline leader, you can request help from the GMX Team -- the company's top distributors -- people who not only want you to succeed, but have the in-depth knowledge and experience to be effective mentors as you travel the road to optimal achievement. When it comes to selling products and building organizations, these people know what they're talking about because they're out there doing it everyday. If you're serious about success the GMX Team is serious about helping you attain it.

Results Oriented Sales Aids
GMX has produced corporate videos, sales brochures, and other marketing literature to help you share its products and marketing opportunity. These tools, like the products and opportunity they describe, are unsurpassed in the industry.

Training Programs Designed and Taught by Sales Leaders
The GMX Team of distributor network leaders and the GMX corporate leaders offer all distributors the kind of training that gets results -- training programs developed and perfected by experienced experts who know how to succeed "in the trenches" because they've done it. Several major regional training and motivation events are held each year, plus numerous individual training meetings each month in different locations throughout the country.

Responsive, Distributor-Oriented Management
Our streamlined order-entry and product delivery systems, together with our highly responsive staff members, make all GMX distributors feel like the most important people in the company... which is exactly what they are.

GMX Distributor"When I visited corporate headquarters, I was pleased to see that the people there are not only good at what they do, but very down-to-earth."

GMX is a gathering of talented and dedicated individuals -people who have come together to offer men and women everywhere products that will make a difference, together with the life-changing business opportunity of sharing those products with others.

The GMX corporate team includes some of the most experienced and gifted figures not only in the network marketing industry, but in marketing and distribution, product development and manufacturing, business management, personal development, and other areas critical to corporate profitability and stability.

Down-to-earth integrity and commitment have been key assets from the first conceptual stage of the creation of GMX. For the company's founders, integrity and commitment are both a promise and a demand. They promise that every aspect of corporate affairs --- from the manufacturing of the products to the payment of distributor earnings --- will be conducted in a manner that demonstrates the highest level of integrity and a deep commitment to the success of each distributor. In return, they demand that all GMX independent distributors conduct their businesses with integrity, honesty, and a commitment not only to their own success but to the success of the individuals in their downline organizations.

Sharon Costanzo, CEO, at GMX Corporate Headquarters
Sharon Costanzo, CEO

GMX Corporate Headquarters
GMX International

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

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