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Testimonial from Gina L. Blackwell

Mr. Haworth,

We are so pleased that we found such a great plumbing service company in Pay Right Plumbing. We asked friends and even our home inspector for a recommendation for a plumber and Robert Haworth at Pay Right Plumbing topped everyone's list. Since purchasing our home last year in the foothills of Yuma, we have just about replaced all the plumbing fixtures in the house as well as the addition of water softners, RO Systems and the magnets on the water heaters and well. We are so thrilled with all the work, but must really commend you on the taste of our water. We brag about the magnets to all that will listen. We have friends that have moved and bought homes this year and we tell them to give you a call to check out the magnets and what benefit they can provide.

Previously we lived in a rental home in the foothills of Yuma about 2 years ago and our water was terrible. We used the softner system and an RO but the water did not taste good. We had problems with build up in the toilets and on the faucets. We were used to good water in the Virginia Mountains and were just not happy with having to buy bottle water for all our drinking and cooking. Not only was this expensive but was a pain to have all those bottles, etc. I scoured and srubbed the toilets, showers and sinks because of the residue left from the water. It was terrible.

Fortunately, when you inspected our home, we discussed several options for how to avoid these issues. The biggest change was the magnets on the well system. We first did the magnets on the main house at the water heater. This worked really well for the main house. Our water was so clean tasting, we invited our friends that had lived here for years that we didn't like their water and did a water tasting. Everyone was asking about how we got such great tasting water. My sinks, toilets, baths and showers are clean and need only the regular cleaning. I mean NO SCRUBBING!

Once we finished the guest house, we did not hesitate to call you to assess what we needed there. Again, we discussed the magnets for the well system. You told us the benefits beyond good tasting water to better water for our plants and that we would see less of the white build up on our patio from the watering system. We purchased the magnets for the well and moved around the smaller magnets to cover the main and guest houses. I can truly say we have never been happier. The white build up from the watering system is gone. Our patio is brown and stays brown now not white speckled brown. The water in both houses is the best tasting water around. The plants are thriving in fact our grapefruit tree has twice as many grapefruits this year.

As you know we just had our yearly home inspection for any plumbing issues, there is no build up at the faucets or at the toilets and everything is working well. We were even gone for a month and there was no discoloration in the toilet bowls or tanks. We are pleased beyond words.

I strongly recommend to anyone that will listen that the magnets are the way to go in Yuma. And the best plumber in town is Robert Haworth! Take my advice and give him a call.

Thanks for everything!

Warmest regards,


Gina L. Blackwell


Sharon Costanzo, CEO, at GMX Corporate Headquarters
Sharon Costanzo, CEO

GMX Corporate Headquarters
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GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

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