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Rapid Line, Inc.
Turning Natural Gas Expense into Profits

  • Rapid Line is a manufacturer of steel parts used in the contract furniture industry
  • They run their paint line for 20 hours per day, seven-days per week
  • They were spending approximately $9,000 per month on natural gas (for a wash bay, dry-off oven, and bake oven)

I worked with Ky, the intern assigned to improve Rapid Line’s energy management, as well as their vendor to change out their black-pipe for copper and then install twenty-eight (28) 848 units on the paint line; here’s an example of what it looked like after installing the magnets (look just below the red box and you’ll see two 848’s on the copper pipe) …

Now for the results…

  • October was more than 400% above the Proposal’s Estimate
  • Proposal estimated $300 / month savings
  • October savings reached $1,256.67
  • Payback in 5.5 months (presuming we maintain October’s performance)

I could go on and share with you that this project’s Internal Rate of Return (IRR) has soared above 100% or in September we saved over $500 but you asked me to be brief!


As you know, I’m willing to share more details with you or anyone else about what we experienced at Rapid Line … feel free to reach out and contact me, take care.

Improving Stewardship,


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Sharon Costanzo, CEO, at GMX Corporate Headquarters
Sharon Costanzo, CEO

GMX Corporate Headquarters
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GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

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