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Lick the Salt Habit for Healthier Water

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Lick the Salt Habit for Healthier WaterLick the Salt Habit for Healthier Water
GMX International's magnetic, maintenance-free water conditioners offer a safe alternative

While so many industries are still catching on to eco-friendly, consumer-safe practices, native Oregonian Sharon Costanzo has devoted decades of her life to providing families and businesses with healthier water supplies.

Considering not only water quality and cost to industry and consumer, but also how the use of these products impact Mother Earth, Costanzo's GMX International Corporation, which she founded in 1992, provides chemical-free – thus maintenance-free – water softening systems.
Responding to research showing that residue left by salt additives is toxic to the environment and equally as bad on individual health, GMX magnetic fluid conditioners offer a healthy solution to sodium-based softening units.

"We've been treating hard water without chemicals or salts for 20 years," says Costanzo. "The bottom line is its a healthy alternative that is environmentally-friendly as well."

Simply put, hard water is water that contains two harmless minerals - calcium and magnesium - which make it harder to develop a sudsy lather. The downside of "hard" water, Costanzo says, is that it causes scale buildup in hot water tanks, pipes, boilers and washing machines, which lowers their efficiency. Also, it is harsh on clothing, skin and hair. Water softening systems remove these unwanted minerals.

Unlike traditional softeners that rely on salt to break down and remove calcium and magnesium from water, GMX water softeners utilize science outlined by the world-renowned, late physicist Dr. Klaus Kronenberg, a former professor at Cal Poly Pomona who devoted his life to researching the science of magnetohydrodynamics. Magnetic units prevent any buildup of unwanted elements in the water from the start by replacing the minerals with sodium ions. Sending an electrical charge through the hard water as it passes through a magnetic field stops scale from forming in the water prior to being distributed throughout the pipes.

In California, Costanzo notes, legislation to ban sodium-based water softeners is moving through the state legislature and she hopes for similar efforts to be made in Oregon.

Providing water softeners for an endless array of applications including ice machines, heat exchangers, residential swimming pools and various industrial purposes, Costanzo says her company is more than a business, it is an advocate for health. With a 30-year background in physical and health education, Costanzo has long been aware of the health detriments of excess sodium.

"Our company has been on a mission more than anything else," she says. "I know what too much sodium does to a person's body and I know how to help. There are a lot of things we can't control, but this is one that we can do something about."


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Sharon Costanzo, CEO, at GMX Corporate Headquarters
Sharon Costanzo, CEO

GMX Corporate Headquarters
GMX International

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

GMX Corporate Headquarters

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