Energy Saving Tips of Running a Spa

Letting a professionally trained electrician do the installation of your spa ensures that everything is in order for it to run efficiently. However, it is not their duty to monitor your electrical consumptions, as it will be your role to conserve energy. Now if you want to save money while using the spa, the main consideration that you should take note is to save as much heat as possible. In this article, we will give you ideas on how the minimize the electrical consumptions of your spa.

Using a Spa Cover

Let's start with the most basic energy saving method which is using a spa cover. The shell of a spa is well insulated to keep the water warm, but it will still allow a huge percent of heat to escape. Just like a house where most of the heat escapes from the roof. So if your hot tub is not in use, make sure to keep it tightly covered by securing the straps and snug. However, if you're cover is old and deteriorated, a huge amount of heat may escape even if the spa is covered. Moreover, a water-logged cover is very ineffective when it comes to saving energy, so it will be best to replace it with a quality made cover that does not allow absorption of water.

Importance of windbreaks

Surrounding the hot tub with a windbreak can enhance the privacy, while making it look more attractive. Nevertheless, it is also effective in reducing the exposure of your hot tub to the wind, and minimizing the heat loss while using the spa.

Upgrading a hot tub

The best approach in saving money is by choosing an energy efficient spa. So if you want to purchase a new hot tub, or you simply want to upgrade your old spa, then it will be best not to be fooled by manufacturer's that are offering hot tubs with high number of water jets and horse power. A hot tub won't need enormous amount of water jets to provide soothing massage, as it will only need to be well structured to target the right spots in the human body. Try this place if you are looking for a hot tub.

Tuning the thermostat down

The default setting of a modern hot tub is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. More heat equals to more work for the components of your spa, as it will require more energy to operate. By putting the temperature down by 2 degrees Fahrenheit or a bit lower will greatly reduce your spa's overall consumption of energy.

When you're going on a week-long vacation, it is best to turn the thermostat of your hot tub on the lowest level or just completely turn it off. However, turning the hot tub off during the winter season is not advisable, as several components of it will need to run to avoid freezing and damages. Winterizing the hot tub is the best idea if you want to save money during the winter seasons.

Monitor your energy consumption per month

Nobody wants to experience outrageous electricity bills! If you wanted to save more money, then monitor your energy consumption per month and see how much it will rise after owning a hot tub. This way you can regulate the usage of your spa or other appliances if you think that it's costing you more than what you expected.